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Neal hirsch

I started in the food industry at the age of 13 working as a waiter at Tranquility Summer Camp in upstate New York. After that summer ended, I found myself always offering to help my mother in the kitchen. As a kid growing up, holidays were the best. Most of my family (including myself) were from Brooklyn. It wasn't uncommon to cram 15 or 20 people into her apartment on Ocean Avenue for some of my Grandmother's great home cooking! Dinners always turned into parties.

​As years passed, I went to college to study to become an Architect, while still working in restaurants. I figured this was my calling. I then headed out west to California, San Diego to be exact. While going to school in San Diego, I continued to work my way up in a few restaurants (one of them actually still has my name on the menu from 1992).

​After heading back to the east coast in 1993, I decided to continue my culinary education in New York while again working in several fine restaurants. I went corporate for about 8 years, where I became one of the top Executive Chef's in that company. But soon realized how much I was held back on my creativity because of corporate policies and programs I had to strictly follow. So, I went out on my own. Over the past few years, I've been in Westchester Magazine several times and was featured in the Journal News, as well as the New York Times.

My business was founded in 1997 when I decided to "go public" with some long-held family recipes. Response was immediately overwhelming. Starting from just a few parties each year in our own little kitchen, we now do over 100 parties a year and continue to grow.